Porters Bistro & Coffee House

Friday July 28, 2017 – Chico & Tim Porter

This Friday evening (July 21), Porters welcomes the guitar fireworks of Chico and Tim Porter. (These guys are amazing!!) Come and enjoy some great food, classic tunes and friendly people.  Call for reservations or information: (604) 530-5297

Saturday July 29, 2017 – Jet + the Art Engine!

This Saturday (July 29) it’s the one and only Jet + the Art Engine featuring Jessica Barbour!  Porters famous Roast Beef buffet, friendly staff and historic atmosphere make it a winning night – get your reservation while there’s still room: (604) 530-5297. (Fully licensed.)


Porter’s Open Mic Night – MUM

 MUM (Mic’d up Murrayville) is over for this season – you’ll have to stay home and work on your chops for next year.

Looking forward to seeing you at the best jam on the west coast this fall – check back for more information this September.

Bill & Karin Buurmeester

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Phone: (604) 530-5297
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